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August 31, 2012
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Charr by Tartii Charr by Tartii
Fanart/Art of my own lil Charr gal~

I heavily referenced her avi as well as her own facial structure, so its not 100% my own style, but there is a bit of my flare in it xD

She's a ranger with her precious babuu Jungle Stalker, who is just oh so brave~ (and gets killed a lot lmao....)

Normally I go from flats in Sai to complete color-uppin in Photoshop, but this time I decided to try doing it exclusively in Sai. I finally learned just how the watercolor brush works, and it is quite nice~
So this is the result of purely SAI work. xD I still have some learnin to do, but Im actually quite happy with the result.

And before anybody asks, the server I play on is Isle of Ja...Ji...somethin or other.

I also flat out LOVE how the Charr are not sexualised. They are a perfect blend of anthro and feral in my eyes, so it makes me giddy~
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Looks just like the charr in GWS2! Amazing! :D
scatbadh Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Love it
+1 for the Archer reference? :3

And yes, I agree with the non sexualized beast-race point. It made me fall in love with the Charr; I'm a one woman warband between all my toons! It would be extra awesome if they extended this equality to the females of the other races, but I'll settle with scantily clad norn men as a halfway point. Least they took the equality route somehow! :p As for the piece itself, nice lighting! I'm a particular fan of the bright peachy-yellow linework over top. :D
Draaky Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even if its not 100% ur style.
its 100% good epic art.
Just keep making this stuff and maybe a youtube vid of how you made it.
~Lord Draaky - Desolation ;D
they may not be sexualized but I think their females are pretty sexy as in they are pretty good looking
DesultoryMoonlighter Sep 17, 2012   Artist
She's beautiful!!
BrandiMuffin Sep 17, 2012   Digital Artist
lol mine is ranger as well with a jungle stalker as well...

Also, Isle of Janthir.

I play on Gate of Madness~ :3
BrandiMuffin Sep 17, 2012   Digital Artist
Same hair as I got on my char lady, haha. Awesome work :3
Charr are fun. Running a human mesmer now though.
Asura have the best animations though.
WOOOOOOOOOOOAH, OMG TARTII O_O THis looks so coooool, i'm like jaw dropping jaw dropped right now, i love the look you gave her, very native like, and powerfully strong, it looks so freakin cool, to me it also kind or reminds me of the african tribe warrior look to, or the african witch doctors or mages, etc etc, ITS AWESOME. ^_^ Definitely going in my favs.
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